Prostitution law may be a niche legal category but if you have been charged with engaging in prostitution you will want a qualified attorney on your side who is knowledgeable about this area of the law.

Prostitution is currently not legal anywhere in California, and you can be charged with a crime for offering or paying to have sex for money. This also applies to buying or selling sex for compensation other than money and if someone else, such as a pimp, is being paid. New laws did go into effect in California in 2020 to protect the rights of sex workers, but these laws did not decriminalize prostitution. Under California law, prostitution can carry penalties of up to 6 months in jail and $1,000 in fines for a first offense, with additional jail time for repeat offenses.

If you have been charged with engaging in prostitution there may be extenuating factors that will help your case. New laws have gone into effect that may protect you if you disclosed prostitution while reporting certain other crimes such as assault or human trafficking that you either witnessed or happened to you. Minors cannot be criminally charged for prostitution and entrapment by a police officer who is undercover is also illegal. A prostitution attorney Los Angeles will be knowledgeable of all current laws that apply to your situation.

Criminal defense lawyers want to give you the best legal defense possible when you are charged with a crime. They will look closely at the details of your unique case and formulate a defense that will hopefully provide you with the best possible outcome. To do so, they will form an attorney-client relationship to represent you in court and it will be in your best interest to be honest with them at all times.

To find the best criminal defense lawyer for your needs, request consultations with several law offices. You will want to look for organizations that have prior experience in defending clients against prostitution charges. Costs and fee structure for representation should be carefully analyzed. But perhaps most importantly, you want to choose an attorney whom you like and can trust.

Prostitution remains a crime you can be charged with in California. If you have questions about what kind of activity is legally permissible and what is not, or if you have already been charged with a prostitution-related crime, a qualified prostitution attorney can help.