PC to Samsung TV file transfer

Does your TV have a Plex app? If so then you could leave the HDD plugged into the PC and access it via Plex instead. For large 4K movies you’ll need to have a good speed over the local network to the TV though.

Streaming over plex to the tv with a 100Mbps nic limit vs usb 3.0 port and 8TB easystore? The tv media player is super quick but I wish samsung had a ftp app.

Why not set your computer up as a Plex server on the home network, as you transfer files to the external for long-term storage?

If you’re asking how to xfer files between a drive, like through your network without phsyically connecting the drive, you can’t, because a drive has to be ‘mounted’ before you can use file xfer protocols.

I guarantee that sometime in the next year, you’re going to come back here and say that “I have no audio!” because of some newer/different audio codec that Samsung doesn’t give a shit about.

I’m not talking down to you, it’s just that TV makers have no reason to update their media players and don’t, generally.

Try Wifi on the TV with Plex. Yes sounds daft but my TV also has a 100mb nic but over wifi it will happily do 200mb+ which is more than enough to stream even the highest bitrate full 4K remuxes over the local network.

Or as already suggested buy a media box such as the Shield or Vero 4K+, both of which have full Gbit nics and have zero problems whith the biggest files around.

With the USB sharing switch you are still going to have to get up and walk over to the TV to press a button, walk back over to the PC and transfer files to it, then walk back to the TV to hit a button to give the TV access to it. I’d just buy a media box and be done with it, that’s too much faffing around for my liking.

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  1. LycanHD Reply

    vs my i7-7700 and GTX-1050ti? I run plex & emby server plus ftp server on my custom htpc with 1000/1000Mbps fiber, but the tv only has 100Mbps nic. If the movie stream is 60,000kbps then plex will need twice that for perfect playback.

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