An online T-shirt subscription is a way of building up your company or personal brand T-shirts through recurring payments. You will be charged a weekly or monthly rate, and for your subscription, the T-shirts will keep coming. Lately, the concept has risen in popularity, and now many companies embrace this as a way of promoting their business one of these is True Classic.

Choose a Provider

Once you have chosen your provider you can plan your True Classic selection. Read the terms before signing the agreement, and check the following details.

  • Number of T-shirts per delivery and price.
  • Are there freebies and perks?
  • Terms of cancellation

As soon as you have paid, you will get your first delivery. If it is winter time you may have ordered long sleeves and hoods to keep the cold out.

If your staff are working in the warehouse or even in a hardware store, you need to keep them warm in big places with little heating. After the first payment, the company will automatically bill you.

Pink Ribbon Day For Breast Cancer

In my city, the Cancer Council supporting Pink Ribbon Day subscribes to online T-shirts, as long as they are pink. They need at least 12 different pinks and styles every year for the different fundraising events. to raise money for breast cancer. The provider gives them the best price to keep the supply coming. In turn, the donation is an annual subscription of say $100 to the Breast Cancer Charity to get a selection of pink T-shirts sent to your home during the year. if you want more than that you can increase the subscription accordingly.

Providing the subscriber with a different range of T-shirts every time is the company’s challenge, and they seem to rise to the challenge with different necklines and designs.

Running a Cafe

The local coffee shop employs 20 people on a weekly roster, and they have embraced the T-shirts with their name in True Classic Black with Billy’s in white. The staff loves the idea as it saves them from worrying about what to wear, and T-shirts are very easy to launder. The boss is paying the bill, so what’s not to like? In a way, it is like getting everyone into a uniform that advertises your product.


True Classic will do well with online T-shirts, and they are a hygienic and inexpensive way of dressing to go to work. The affordable monthly subscription is going to help promote your business and keep the staff happy.