Thinking of using text marketing? Or do u not know what SMS marketing is? SMS is simply short for Short Message Service, which means the same thing as texting. Well, SMS marketing isn’t that complicated, and sending a text is relatively inexpensive. Let’s look at some other reasons why you might want to integrate SMS marketing into your overall marketing plan:

Open Rate

The open rate on SMS messages is fantastic! 98% of people will open your SMS marketing message. A flyer in the mail? Easy to throw out without looking at it. Emails that get lost in your SPAM? Never opened. You can be sure your message will get read.

Optimized for Mobile

More and more people these days are doing more and more on their phones. That means less time in front of a desktop or tablet and more time roaming around trying to use your phone for everything. SMS reaches a prospective customer where they are, not where they will eventually be for a brief period of time. With you can reach any customer at any time and day.

Widen your Demographic

Because everybody is on their phones these days, you can actually reach a wider demographic than you otherwise would with other forms of marketing. This widening of the demographic can help you with your understanding of you customer, and perhaps you switch marketing strategies overall because of Demographic insights you got from SMS marketing;

Fast and Cheap

When you get a normal ad designed, it can sometimes seem like forever! You have to get the colors just right, the font just right, or you’re waiting for someone to finish designing your ad, and so on and so forth. With SMS marketing, you can develop a marketing slogan, whatever it is that you want to do, and “poof,” you hit the “send” button, and there you go! Message delivered.

And as we already mentioned, SMS messaging is very cheap, so that naturally means that your SMS marketing will be cheap. You can experiment a bit with different slogans and messages, all for a relatively cheap cost.

Whether you are a marketing guru or simply just starting out in the marketing world, you can start running SMS marketing today and integrate it with your existing marketing strategy. If you’re a novice marketer, but you get some results from SMS marketing, your boss may, in fact, think you are a genius! Try SMS marketing today and see the difference.